Picture of Attorneys Mckail Hamilton


"Mckail Hamilton is professional, she has a great understanding of what the needs and wants of her clients are. She also is able to offer realistic expectations and she works hard to get things done in a timely manner. Mckail made this emotional process a lot more manageable for me. Thanks again."

- Amy M.

"Mckail is an amazing young attorney that knows exactly what to do. More knowledgeable than some of her peers that have been practicing for over 20 years. Very detailed oriented in the entire process. Has no problem confronting other lawyers when it comes to fairness of her clients. Would recommend to anyone going through a divorce to call Atticus Legal Group before anyone else."

- Marc N.

"I had the opportunity to work with Mckail through my divorce. Mckail is amazing on so many levels. She is up to date on case law and very knowledgeable in the divorce and custody fields. Mckail was very quick to respond to phone calls and emails. She drafted offers and counter-offers quickly and stayed in constant communication to keep me up to speed on responses. I went through 2 previous attorneys before I found Mckail and I am grateful I was able to work with her. I would hire Mckail again for any future litigation or mediation!"

- Alyssa L.

"Great Experience. I worked with Ms. Hamilton for Divorce document review and am a repeat customer. I found her to be professional in behavior and knowledgeable in responding to my questions. She made a great effort to understand my situation to provide the best strategies, solutions and contingencies for all of my filings. I would definitely recommend her services to anyone."

- Walter E.

"First, I'm going to start by saying that Edwin Jang is a great attorney. I'm going to use him for every legal issue I have from now on.

I recently went through a divorce. Going through a divorce is hard, but when your wife is fighting you at every step to get sole custody because she believes it's her right as a woman, it becomes extremely difficult especially here in Utah.

When my wife and I first split up, I hired a local attorney out here in Ogden. This was the worst mistake I could have made. During the first temporary orders hearing, my wife and her family told their side of the story, taking extreme liberties with the truth (i.e. told bold face lies) about me. They made me out to be a horrible husband and father. Nothing was further from the truth. What made matters worse was my attorney, my advocate, the person I trusted with my the future of my family, did absolutely nothing to prevent it or stand up for me or even attempt to tell my side of the story. While I did work very hard to provide for my family, this very fact was used against me. My wife claimed that I did not have the time to bond with our daughter and that because she came from a good "Church" family she was the best for our daughter and that I was merely an ATM for our family and should not receive anything more than the mere minimum statutory time with our daughter. My attorney essentially did nothing. As a result my wife got full physical custody and full legal custody. I, on the other hand was left with 2-3 overnights every 14 days. This was extremely heartbreaking for me because I was scared that I would never get to have a real relationship with my daughter and be relegated to the role of "weekend father."

I confronted by lawyer and asked him why he didn't do anything to defend me or my case when my wife's attorney started lying about me. He simply stated that an objection would cost about $1,500.00 but it won't matter because I will never be able to change this deal and that I should try to get a better deal at mediation. This was devastating to me, just the thought that I was not going to be able to get any more time with my daughter was heartbreaking.

After realizing that my attorney at the time was more interested in generating more fees from me rather than representing me, I started to look around for another attorney.

Eventually, I started working with Edwin Jang. After explaining my whole situation to him, he came up with several solutions and a plan of action to get me more time with my daughter. The first thing that came to mind was why didn't my first attorney suggest any of this to me? It became very clear that I was nothing but a paycheck to my first attorney and that he didn't care about my relationship with my daughter.

Ed has a very different approach to handling my case than my previous attorney. He would call me up and update me about my case at least once a week. He never gave me false hope, as he made sure that I knew several possible outcomes, including the worst case scenario. But he always assured me that he would not settle for the worst outcome and that he fight for as much parent-time as possible

Over the next few hearings I went from 2-3 overnights every 14 days to 5 overnights every 14 days with joint legal custody and joint physical custody! I was very happy with this outcome. As we marched toward trial Ed kept me up to date on the latest developments in my case. With all he was communicating to me about my case, I was under the impression that he was working nonstop on my case! I would get emails and calls every week about the various documents he filed on my behalf.

During the trial Ed was great with sticking to our game plan. However the judge called both Ed and my wife's attorney to chambers to talk about the case. The judge said that he was leaning towards reducing my parent-time to the statutory minimum parent-time. This nearly took the fight out of me, but true to form Ed didn't give up and went back into the courtroom.

When we got back into the courtroom my wife's attorney and her family did the same thing as before and played the role as a perfect church family and painted me as a villain by lying every chance they got. Ed made sure that all there lies were broken down so that the judge could see right through them. He argued and pushed the points that I needed to make so that in the end, I walked out of trial with more then I walked into the trial with.

I am very happy that I found Edwin Jang. I can honestly say that I will never use anther attorney to represent me when my relationship with my daughters is on the line. Ed made it possible for me to be a real father to my daughter. I consider Ed a friend because he handled my case just like I was family, he really seemed to cared about my relationship with my daughter. This very different from my other attorney who didn't seem to care at all. If you want a attorney that will defend you and not look at you as a pay check, hire Edwin Jang. This man earns every dime you pay him and he is worth it!"

- Meyan Lewis