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Navigating the ORS Child Support Calcuator

Before you start using the Office of Recovery Services' ("ORS") child support calculator, it is IMPORTANT TO NOTE that the child support worksheets are merely a guideline for estimating child support. only a court (or ORS) can make a final determination of child support awards.

Let's START by entering the parties' names:

Parties' Names

Enter the GROSS income for all parties from ALL INCOME SOURCES including: earned and nonearned income sources which may include salaries, wages, commissions, royalties, bonuses, rents, gifts from anyone, prizes, dividends, severance pay, pensions, interest, trust income, alimony from previous marriages, annuities, capital gains, Social Security benefits, workers' compensation benefits, unemployment compensation, income replacement disability insurance benefits, and payments from "nonmeans-tested" government programs.

Often you will be able to IMPUTE MINIMUM WAGE INCOME from a non-income earning parent. This is to say that even if the non-income earning parent is not working, they can work at least a minimum wage job working 40 hours a week. Currently (as of this posting) you can impute $1,257.00 per month to the non-income earning parent.

NOTE: There are many factors (disability, age, immigration status, age, etc.) that determine whether or not you can impute minimum wage to the non-income earning parent. Please consult your attorney to see what income, if any, you can impute to the other parent.


Include the number of children involved in the support action. These are generally the biological or adopted children of the mother and father in the support action.

Number of Children

Are you CURRENTLY PAYING (or have been ordered to pay) CHILD SUPPORT for children not mentioned in question 5? Enter the amounts you are currently paying:

Currently Paying - Child Support

Are you CURRENTLY PAYING (or have been ordered to pay) ALIMONY to anyone other than the MOTHER or FATHER mentioned in questions 1 and 2? Enter the amounts you are currently paying:

Currently Paying - Alimony

While most situations call for SOLE or JOINT CUSTODY, there are rare instances in which the parents split the children up between the parents. Contact your attorney to see which CUSTODY ARRANGEMENT best suits your situation:

Split Custody

The closest to a 50/50 custody arrangement you can get is 183 overnights/182 overnights. The fewest number of overnights you can have and still maintain JOINT CUSTODY is 111 overnights/254 overnights. If you are opting for less than 111 overnights leave this section blank and the calculator will assume SOLE CUSTODY.

Join Custody

Who is the PLAINTIFF or PETITIONER in this action? This will change the order of the caption of the printed PDF document.

Plaintiff PDF

Enter the number of OTHER CHILDREN that you have that are not a part of this action:

Mother's Other Children
Father's Other Children

An example of a base child support award calculation based on SOLE CUSTODY assuming 2 children and both parents making minimum wage. Please note that the child support award goes to the parent who has SOLE CUSTODY.

Sole Custody Example

An example of base child support award calculation based on JOINT CUSTODY assuming 2 children, both parents making minimum wage, and sharing custody on a 254 overnight/111 overnight basis with the mother getting 254 overnights.

Joint Custody Example
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