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“Life After Divorce” Part 2. A Utah Divorce is Like the Salt Lake City Weather

Life after divorce in Utah can be challenging, if there were multiple transitions for the family and friends. A divorce is like the Salt Lake City Utah weather, always changing and can change without notice and when it rains it pours during the divorce process. Embracing the changes by utilizing organization techniques and lifestyle modifications can enhance the experience and make the newness fun, instead of a fearful time. Being single is a way of having a freedom from needing permission to pursue dreams and goals. Even in a good marriage, individual goals are usually abandoned for the dual goals of the marriage, dreams become pushed aside for the financial and material goals of the couple, life after a divorce in utah is no taking a toll on you.

The advantage of being single is that it allows a person to search self for inner motivations and interests. If creative art has been an interest, find a class in watercolor painting in Provo and attend for a semester. If exercise is a passion, join a gym and hire a personal trainer in Salt Lake City. Have you always wanted a pet but your spouse was allergic? Now is the time to research dog breeds and find a furry companion in Logan. Explore your inner nature and register for some spiritual classes. Attend a worship service or read a book on philosophy. Delve into your inner spectrum and choose how you want your character to be shaped.

Life after divorce is a time of revelation and joy, a time of growth and self-realization, and a time to explore your inner self. Don’t let one setback determine who you are or where you are going, let this transition time be a period of initiation and implementation. Choose new branches of growth and determine who you are and what you want to accomplish. Often the turmoil from divorce can propel a person into a downward spiral of depression. Claim this transition instead for an upward pattern of growth and personal discernment.

If your financial resources are limited, make the public library your new best friend. Often libraries have classes for free, books by the thousands, and dvd and tape libraries for the patrons. Libraries also have literacy classes. If you need brushing up on your skills, take a class. If you are an expert in reading, teach a class of adult learners who are hoping to better their situation in life. Find a place to volunteer to help your community. If you don’t like crowds, offer to weed the flower bed at the local nursing home. Not all contributions have to be public or in full view or knowledge of the community. Your thirty minutes a week can be a lifetime change for someone in need.

Life is what you make of it. This adjustment today in marital status is just one of hundreds of changes in a lifetime. The secret to change is the attitude of gratitude and acceptance. Utilize the revision of your life plan to reflect your hopes and dreams, modify your surroundings to mirror the inner peace in your soul, and search for the elements of uncharted pathways of creativity to jumpstart your adult growth spurt. Add dimension to your life.

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