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How to Find an Attorney for Your Divorce in Salt Lake City

Trying to find that right lawyer to handle your divorce can be difficult, especially in the Salt Lake City valley. There are many factors that you will want to look at. One of those factors is location. Atticus Legal Group, provides locations in 3 areas of the Salt lake City Valley. Sandy Utah, Salt Lake City, Utah and Sugar House Utah.

Once you have gotten over the pain and hurt, you need to consult a lawyer to advise you on what's fair. Some lawyers will try to go for all they can, but if you want to have a civilized divorce (if one is possible) you will want to go after only what is fair. Atticus Legal Group is not only focused on fair they are focused on whats the best interest of the Children , if there are children involved. After the hurt and Anger you truly want the best for your children and Atticus Legal Group can help you keep that in perspective. You need a lawyer that will ease your stress levels, the Attorney's at Atticus Legal are friendly and understanding and will make you feel as comfortable as possible and clearly communicate every step of the process.

One thing that you need to look at when choosing an attorney is the fee. Is it going to cost you an arm and a leg? If so, then you may just be adding more stress on top of things. Atticus Legal Group Divorce Lawyers in Salt Lake City will let you know what they costs will be , and that will depend on the difficulty of the divorce. If you don't have anyone contesting a marriage then you may just want to hire the same lawyer and get things over with. If you want to have a sensible divorce, you don't want to go with the high paid lawyers. They will go for all they can so that they can get a better fee. You need to be as open and honest as possible when you first meet with the lawyer. This way you can have a good idea of what to look forward to. Atticus Legal is never looking to play a long battle to “get more money” this young and professional firm is about helping those in need, with a proven track record of this by many testimonials and happy clientle.

You should also take their expertise in consideration too (remember you don't know the laws and what rights you have). You can hire a lawyer outside of the divorce field, but why would you. The expertise that Atticus Legal Group brings or any SLC Lawyers Group Attorney are the best in the state of Utah.. Atticus Legal Group have the knowledge of the judges and how they react to certain cases. They will use all of their knowledge for your advantage. They know most every angel each Judge takes and if it's in temporary order they also know the commissioners very well to take advantage of that knowledge along with your case facts to be able to present the best case for you.

Your friends will know a few lawyers that will be good candidates. A good lawyer will not hide anything. They will let their clients know that they would like to be referred and they may even talk about past clients. Atticus Legal Group Divorce Layers in Salt Lake City has such tremendous refferals and testimonials that you will have enough to go by just looking at those before you ever meet them. Once you meet them you will understand why hundreds of people each year trust them to take care of their needs in a divorce case in Salt Lake City, Sandy, Sugar house, Provo, st. George and every other city in Utah. Their testimony may mean nothing to you, but if you ask around you will be able to get a good idea of what they are really like.

You should also go with a lawyer that you like. It is important that you trust your lawyer. You need to be able to rely on them. You also need to know that their attitude goes along with yours. If you want a cutthroat lawyer, then make sure that have the personality to be, but if you just want to get it over with and be done than seek a lawyer who will go after what's fair. One of the great things about Atticus Legal Group is each attorney has their own style. For instance Mckail Hamilton never allows her client s to be talked to or disrespected by the opposing counsel or spouse. She stands up for them even in court. She will not let anyone intimidate her, but with how respectful she does this is why she is so successful in court with Judges. Edward Jang and Levi have similar attributes but have their specific ways to work with judges and opposite counsels.

If your considering a Divorce or need Family law help, do you have questions about Child Custody or child Support? Call Atticus Legal Group Divorce Lawyers in Salt Lake City, Sandy, and Sugar house today. (801) 784-0529.

Client Reviews
Mckail is an amazing young attorney that knows exactly what to do. More knowledgeable than some of her peers that have been practicing for over 20 years. Very detailed oriented in the entire process. Has no problem confronting other lawyers when it comes to fairness of her clients. Would recommend to anyone going through a divorce to call Atticus Legal Group before anyone else. Marc N.
Mckail Hamilton is professional, she has a great understanding of what the needs and wants of her clients are. She also is able to offer realistic expectations and she works hard to get things done in a timely manner. Mckail made this emotional process a lot more manageable for me. Thanks again. Amy M.