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Encouraging Your Child to go With Your Ex-spouse. Is It a Safety Concern or a

As a divorcing parent in Utah, you are going to face a number of very difficult challenges in adjusting to your life as a single parent. Many divorcing spouses don’t realize how much they’ve come to rely on each other for things like bills, scheduling, or even something as simple as instant communication. When you separate from your spouse, previously simple things like scheduling can become much more difficult.

It’s often hard for divorcing parents to adjust to a world where 24 hours is a reasonable amount of time to respond to an email, or where a phone call doesn’t have to be returned right away, this can put even more tension on already strained relations between parents and makes dealing with new challenges that much more arduous.

One of the most stressful challenges for a newly single parent is addressing a child who doesn’t want to go to their mother or father. Every family is different, and you’ll have to approach your children’s reluctance with your own unique parenting style, but it can be helpful to have some guidelines and the primary focus in setting guidelines should be a simple question: Why doesn’t your child want to go? Is it a safety concern, or is it a “personality issue?”

Children are going to take their cue from you, and it’s important to keep a bit of perspective. You’re wading through a divorce that’s stressing you out and to top it all off you’re dealing with this idiot spouse who is always five minutes late, and why did they have to pick an apartment near the worst traffic lights in the city anyway and you could just tear your hair out.

Your kids know, and they’re dealing with massive stress too. If you’re still residing in the marital home, a weekend away with the other parent is a weekend away from everything they know, their entire routine. It’s incredibly tough to have to break from the traditional marriage into a life of schedules and traveling. It is a near guarantee that your children will become frustrated and nowhere is this more likely to boil over then during exchanges.

You’re facing some emotionally charged stuff yourself, sending a child on the verge of tears away from you for a few days when every parental instinct in your body is screaming at you to console them and maybe their mom or dad aren’t going to handle it as well as you would. These times of peak stress are not when you want to be making huge decisions that could leave you facing allegations of parental interference.

Decide right now that you’re only going to stop the occasionally painful growing process into the new custody schedule if there is a genuine safety concern.

If your children are being neglected or abused by your ex, you need to take legal action immediately to protect them. The answer is not complicated. Act now. The State of Utah has a streamlined process for seeking protective orders for you and your children. Our experienced Salt Lake City divorce lawyers can help you. We have dealt with child custody in Utah and we can help you get a Utah protective order.

If you’re letting personality issues break up your children’s time with their mother or father, stop it. The answer is not complicated.

We’ve helped all sorts of divorcing parents. If your spouse has withheld your children over a personality issue, we can help you petition the court for remedies like make up parent-time. Custody arrangements are supposed to work. The schedule between divorcing parents is rarely the schedule that either of them had chosen, but the parent-time you have with your children is important. If your custody arrangement is not working, you really ought to have a Utah divorce lawyer take a look at it. We offer free consultations.

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