Mothers’ Rights

Whether you are a divorced mother who is not receiving child support payments that were agreed upon in your settlement agreement or an unwed mother who wants your child's father to establish or terminate parental rights, the experienced Salt Lake City family law firm Atticus Legal Group, LLC, safeguards your interests.

At Atticus Legal Group, LLC, we ensure you will receive excellent representation, presenting your best arguments, when your rights as a mother are at stake.

We work hard to be the last attorneys you will ever need — before, during and after an uncontested or contested divorce in Utah.

Is your former spouse failing to live up to his obligations relative to regular visitation with your child?

Are you considering a contempt order, or enforcement, to compel him to comply with provisions of your divorce settlement agreement?

Have you considered requesting a modification of your divorce decree in response to a lost job or the need to relocate to another state?

If your answer to any of these questions is "yes," you should contact Atticus Legal Group, LLC, for an initial consultation. We listen carefully to your goals, respect your wishes and apply our knowledge of Utah family law to address your specific, unique situation.

Experienced Shared Custody And Mothers' Rights Lawyers In Salt Lake City

There are so many ways we can be of service to you, today and in the years ahead. As firm believers in the concept of "the best interests of the child," we do whatever we can to ensure that both parents share prominent roles in a son's or daughter's upbringing.

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