At Atticus Legal Group, LLC, our law firm can be of service before, during and after a divorce. We know that a divorce is never really "final" because of lifestyle changes that sometimes call for revisions of support, custody and visitation obligations.

If a modification of child support or any provision in your Utah divorce agreement is necessary due to a material and substantial change of circumstances, an experienced Atticus Legal Group family law attorney can help. We can also assist in contesting a proposed modification that you may feel is unwarranted.

Conversely, if responsibilities spelled out in a settlement agreement are not being fulfilled, one of our skilled lawyers can file an order to show cause or a contempt order — an enforcement that compels a party to maintain regular child custody and support commitments.

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For any family law goal, urgent or long term, you can discuss the issue in detail and in confidence with us during your free initial consultation. We can also answer any questions you might have about our divorce and family law practice.

From prenuptial agreements to parental relocations to protective orders, we offer the guidance that gives you the strength to move on. Read what some of our satisfied clients have said about us, then contact Atticus Legal Group, LLC, by local call, toll free call or email message.