Fathers’ Rights

It has become more and more difficult for many divorced fathers to receive and maintain a fair deal governing alimony and/or custody of a child in Utah family courts. At Atticus Legal Group, LLC, we ensure you will receive excellent representation, presenting your best arguments, when going through this tricky divorce.

Are you a divorced father in Salt Lake City who is being denied your custody or visitation rights? Are you an unmarried father who wants to become closer to your child and are willing to establish paternity and pay child support to accomplish that goal?

Are you at risk of paying alimony you know you cannot afford?

Our skilled, experienced family law firm works hard to protect fathers' rights in a wide variety of matters. We are Atticus Legal Group, LLCthe last attorneys you will ever need.

Protecting Custody Rights For Fathers In Salt Lake City

As a divorced father, you also have the right to request or contest a modification to your divorce settlement agreement, petition the court for a parental relocation in the event of remarriage or business transfer, and seek adjustments to spousal support and child support if you have lost your job or been seriously injured, requiring hospitalization and taking you away from your job and income.

As for unwed fathers' rights, you should speak with one of our compassionate lawyers about paternity testing, child support calculations and all parenting time considerations.

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