Social Media And Divorce Tips

With more and more people of all ages using social media and having multiple accounts available for the public to view, it is really important that as a person seeking a divorce you understand how this could impact your case. Social media can have both a positive and a negative impact on your divorce. Being armed with knowledge is key in helping to prevent a negative impact.

Our divorce attorneys in Salt Lake City, Utah, provide comprehensive divorce and family law counsel services. This includes advice regarding social media, which has an increasingly dominant role in our daily lives. Facebook, Twitter and other common social media platforms can often create a timeline for a relationship or document conversations. We believe in keeping our clients fully informed about how this can play a role in a divorce case. Do not do anything about your social media accounts until you consult with one of our lawyers specifically about your own personal divorce situation.

Tips For Social Media And Divorce

The following should not be construed as actual legal advice but instead general guidelines on how to conduct your social media accounts if you are anticipating legal divorce proceedings or you are already in the middle of a divorce.

These are just some tips for how to handle your social media accounts during a divorce. For legal advice for your own specific case, discuss your situation with one of our attorneys.

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