Child Support

If you are seeking a divorce in Utah and are unclear about child support calculations for your Salt Lake City area family — or if a child support amount is being disputed or modified after the loss of a job — you could benefit from the skilled assistance of an experienced divorce and family lawyer.

We are Atticus Legal Group, LLC — and we want to be the last attorneys you will ever need for any contentious issue that arises before, during and after your divorce.

When you retain us to represent you as a divorced father or mother, you receive the advantages of our many years of combined experience, deep legal knowledge, attentive personal service and track record of success for our clients.

Are you a primary custodian whose former spouse is ignoring your need for regular child support payments specified in your divorce settlement agreement?

Are you an unwed father seeking paternity testing to support your child financially and grow closer to him or her?

For any direction that a child support matter can take you, including child support modifications, our skilled lawyers adapt and respond promptly with recommendations tailored to fit your specific, unique needs.

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