How can divorced people effectively co-parent?

Utah couples facing divorce can learn ways to positively parent their joint children together after their divorces are final.

When a couple is unable to stay married, it can be hard to imagine that they can co-parent effectively after a divorce. However, this is exactly what Salt Lake City parents are urged to do. The Utah Courts website indicates that the courts will always consider the best interests of the children when making child custody awards.

One element of what is in the best interest of children is how well the parents work together. Maintaining quality relationships with both parents is integral to the emotional health and security of children regardless of who has custody.

What custody arrangements can happen in Utah?

There are many different types of custody arrangements in Utah. One involves both physical and legal custody being shared equally by both parents. Another involves both physical and legal custody being awarded to one parent only. Legal custody can be shared but physical custody can be awarded to just one parent.

Additionally, in families with multiple children, physical custody arrangements can be made per child. This means that a father can be given physical custody of one child and a mother can be given physical custody of another child. In these situations, legal custody can be either joint or sole.

Develop good co-parenting skills

Regardless of custody and parenting time awards, mothers and fathers should learn how to work together for their children. Psychology Today suggests that respecting the stated schedules for visitation is one way of doing this. It is not only kind to the other parent but, more importantly, it creates stability for the children. Of equal importance is the willingness to be flexible and accommodate changes. Holidays, special family events and children's activities can all be reasons that warrant some fluctuation in the normal schedules.

Divorced parents should make it a priority to speak politely to and about each other, especially in front of their children. Kids benefit when they see these behaviors from their parents.

Find useful tools

Finances are a common source of friction in marriages. Similarly, they can be a source of friction in divorces when parents must track costs related to their children. Child support payments rarely cover all of the expenses that arise, forcing parents to negotiate other arrangements along the way. Apps can now be downloaded and used to help this process as noted by the Huffington Post. This can be a good way to minimize conflict and improve collaborative parenting.

Work with professionals

A divorce is a complicated legal matter. For this reason, it is recommended that any person getting divorced work with an attorney.

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